When a dental patient wants a straighter smile but doesn’t want to wait years to get it, Invisalign© is often a recommended solution. The dentists at Listopad and Finder, DDS., PA offer this in-demand orthodontic treatment at their office in Coral Springs. When you come to understand how Invisalign© works, you’ll see why it’s such a popular choice for patients who want to straighten out their smiles.

The Invisalign© Solution
Invisalign© is a proprietary braces treatment that uses plastic trays instead of metal brackets and wires. The technology, created by a former adult orthodontics patient, was released at U.S. dentist offices in 1999. It’s a preferred solution because it’s a way to get a better smile without the embarrassment and inconvenience of wearing braces for a long period of time. It is especially appreciated by patients who are grown up and need to maintain a normal looking smile for work, meetings and social functions.

How It Straightens Your Teeth
Each aligner tray is sculpted with tooth-sized grooves that are custom-made to fit your smile. Your Coral Springs dentist carefully designs each tray with the help of Invisalign© technology so that they will help guide your teeth into a better position. After the Invisalign© treatment period is completed, the final aligner tray will most likely become your retainer, which you must wear each night to bed to maintain your new smile.

Getting Invisalign Braces
The process of getting Invisalign© is much faster and more straightforward than getting traditional metal braces. After X-rays and an initial exam confirm that you’re a good candidate for invisible aligners, impressions are taken so that the trays can be created. You’ll then wear the first tray and come back for a dental visit every two weeks to get the next one in the series.

Find Out If You Are a Candidate
If you want a straighter smile with Invisalign©, call the Coral Springs office of Listopad and Finder, DDS., PA at (954) 752-2970 today to schedule an initial exam and consultation. Dr. Listopad and Dr. Finder are dedicated to helping patients achieve the healthy, attractive smiles that they’ve always imagined they could have.