The traditional solution for straightening your teeth, metal or ceramic braces, have a number of limitations. They’re uncomfortable, take forever to work and sometimes aren’t as effective as the patient and dentist would like. Coral Springs dentist Dr. Howard Listopad, DDS of Listopad & Finder D.D.S. P.A. often suggest Invisalign© braces, also known as invisible braces, as a better solution to these problems for a variety of reasons.

Invisalign© Is Almost Invisible

Everyone wants a nice smile but no one wants to wear clunky metallic braces for two or three years to get one. The looks of metal braces are an issue for adult professionals who have to be concerned about their appearance when attending meetings and social events. These clear aligners are so clear that they’re barely even noticeable until you take them out for eating or brushing and put them into their case.
Invisalign© Is Quicker And More Comfortable
With traditional braces everything takes a lot of time, from meticulously attaching the brackets to each of your teeth, to sitting through monthly appointments to adjust your bands, to removing the brackets years later. The discomfort after each adjustment appointment is sometimes intense enough to require pain medication. Invisalign© is a gentler and quicker way to straighten the teeth. There’s no need to place brackets on the teeth, adjust them or remove anything. Just pick up your trays and wear them faithfully. The process can take as little as six months to a year.
The Results From Invisalign© Are Really Nice
Invisalign© is the ultimate solution for people who have mild to moderate cosmetic issues. There have been numerous advancements in this popular orthodontic treatment over the years that have made it one of the best ways to get quality, long-lasting results.
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