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Why Invisalign© Beats Traditional Braces

The traditional solution for straightening your teeth, metal or ceramic braces, have a number of limitations. They’re uncomfortable, take forever to work and sometimes aren’t as effective as the patient and dentist would like. Coral Springs dentist Dr. Howard Listopad, DDS of Listopad & Finder D.D.S. P.A. often suggest Invisalign© braces, also known as invisible braces, as a better solution to these problems for a variety of reasons.

Why Should I Opt for Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges?

Find out why metal-free dental work is safer for your overall health.

At some point in our lives we may have to get dental work. Whether it’s a dental crown, filling or dental bridge, you want to make sure you are getting quality dental work. While porcelain and other tooth-colored resins have become popular when it comes to restoring teeth, metal is still often the material of choice. However, metal fillings and other dental work can be unsafe for your smile and your general health. Your Coral Springs dentist shares why you might want to opt for metal-free crowns and bridges.

VELscope® Vx Cancer Screening Offers Lasting Protection For Your Mouth

Did you know that oral cancer is a very prevalent cancer in America today? With all the bad stuff we eat and all the poor dental habits we engage in, it’s no wonder that more and more of us are succumbing to the end result of our unfortunate dental ways. But, you can overcome this destructive cancer when you spot it early.