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Root Canals are the Route to Healthy Teeth

If you’ve experienced tooth pain or severe tooth decay, your Coral Springs dentist may recommend root canal therapy to treat the problem. Each year, millions of Americans undergo root canal treatments in order to save and preserve healthy teeth. Many people are afraid of the reputation of root canals, but, in reality, root canals are

Treatment Options for Replacing a Tooth Body

Discover how your Coral Springs dentist can easily restore your toothless smile. While it might feel easier to ignore your tooth loss, it’s important that you seek treatment from your Coral Springs dentists Dr. Howard Listopad and Dr. Tammy Finder right away. Even though it might not seem like a dental emergency, tooth loss can

How Invisalign© Can Help Straighten Your Teeth

When a dental patient wants a straighter smile but doesn’t want to wait years to get it, Invisalign© is often a recommended solution. The dentists at Listopad and Finder, DDS., PA offer this in-demand orthodontic treatment at their office in Coral Springs. When you come to understand how Invisalign© works, you’ll see why it’s such